My “Home” For The Next 3 Months


It has been a week since we arrived in our home for the next three months, Certaldo Alto. It’s a small little community tucked in the country side of Tuscany. It’s known for being the home of Giovanni Boccaccio, a poet and artist in the 1300’s. The town is broken into two parts, Certaldo Alto, and Certaldo Basso. Where I live, in Alto,  is very medieval styled. I mean there’s even an old castle that’s been converted to apartments and restaurants.

My apartment is very traditionally styled, with tile, stone and dark wood. I live in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath with my two roommates on the edge of Certaldo Alto. We (as well as the two boys in the apartment below us) are the furthest from the school. But by “furthest”, it’s still only a 3 minute walk to class! The apartment has a beautiful view over looking the Tuscany countryside! Below is a video of the apartment! Out of respect for my roommates I did not film their rooms!



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