18 Reasons You Should Go Greek

If you’re thinking about going Greek, or have already decided to, but want to know more about the benefits besides increasing your friend circle, or building professional connections, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re worried about hazing or any other rumors, head over to my FAQ for debunking Greek life myths! Now that all those are out of the way, I’ve gladly taken the time to create a list of *facts*(<— click there to see even more facts about Greeks!) on why you should go Greek, besides the whole friendship thing (which by the way is fantastic!). Seeing other go Greek is so exciting for those of us already involved, and it’s amazing what doors it can open!

1. Greek Life’s GPA is higher than the overall average college GPA

2. Academic performance in sororities and fraternities is higher than non-members.

3. You gain a home away from home!

4. Members of Greek life have larger professional networks.

5. You become exposed to a more diverse community.

6. There is a positive influence on moral development.

7. Philanthropy’s (charities that each organization supports) have more awareness brought to them.

8. Greeks spend more hours volunteering than nonmembers.

9. Sisterhood (and brotherhood) is unlike any other friendship.

10. There is a greater amount of leadership gained.

11. There are many scholarship opportunities.

12. You never feel alone/do anything alone ( I mean you have 100+ sisters to chose from!).

13. There is endless support.

14. You have a wide range of social activities (think volunteering, socials, formals, charity events, etc).

15. You will meet like-minded people.

16. Struggling in class? There’s always someone willing to study with you, or tutor you!

17. You meet members everywhere!

18. The lifetime of memories of friendships you will gain!



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