25 Truths About Living With Your Best Friend

  1. You learn each others schedules as if it’s your own

    You know when they have class or work, and know that it will take them 20 minutes to get home, and if they aren’t home, you start to get nervous.

  2. You always have someone to drag along on errands with you.

    Running to the store at 9 pm is always more exciting when you have someone to take with you.

  3. They support your meal of raw cookie dough, and will even join you.

    Sometimes you have a bad day and the only cure is cookie dough and ice cream. Who better to join in with you than your best friend?

  4. You text each other while both in the house.

    Sometimes talking takes too much effort , so you just text from your rooms like it’s nothing.


    It’s more unusual for you to wear pants in the house than without. It’s to the point you have to warn one another if someone is coming to the house

  6. Things happen that no one would believe unless they lived with y’all.

    Like that time a bug the size of a rat was terrorizing you in the living room and no one would come kill it, or the night your bedroom lights started to flicker for no reason! This stuff seriously happens but of course only when it’s just the two of you.

  7. Your closets have doubled in size.

    Your closet is her closet, and her closet is yours.

  8. Clothing becomes optional.

    When the AC is broken in the heat of a Carolina summer, sometimes you have to walk around in nothing but a bra and underwear without a second thought.

  9. Everything is shared.

    We share a bathroom, and our rooms connect. You can say we literally share everything in the house. From clothes to food to toothbrushes (just kidding! Although my roommate did accidentally use my toothbrush once!)

  10. They become that angel on your shoulder…

    You two are always encouraging each other for the better, from life advice to making sure you do the right thing, no matter how angry a situation might make you.

  11. As well as the little devil.

    Who else is going to encourage you to take shots before 11 am on game day??

  12. Bathroom doors become a thing of the past.

    You pee with the door open so you don’t have to pause the conversation.

  13. No subject is off topic anymore.

    When you live with someone, you learn EVERYTHING about them. Nothing is off limits to talk about, even if it once was a taboo subject.

  14. Judgement is non-existent.

    You’ve seen each other at your worst’s, so there is nothing either of you can say or do that will cause judgement of any kind, despite “I’m totally judging you” being one of the most used phrases in your house. (Okay, maybe that time one of you dropped a soda can and it exploded all over the kitchen!)

  15. You always know the latest gossip asap.

    No need to wait until you see them next, because the two of you relay information and gossip the second you hear it!

  16. Coming home after a long night and immediately being able to talk to them.

    You’re shoes may not even be off yet, and you’re already telling them about your night!

  17. You become each others DD.

    You trade off on being each others DD so that you both get to enjoy yourselves when your out! No need to worry about finding an Uber all the time.

  18. Their friends become your friends.

    No one wants to be that lame roommate that locks themselves in their room when their roommate has people over, so you just join in and they eventually become yours friends as well.

  19.  You learn to be 100% honest with each other.

    No one likes a liar, and no one wants to walk out wearing an outfit that looks like your a mom from the 1980’s. You’re straight up with each other, no matter what it is.

  20. You accept that one of you is always going to be the messier one.

    As clean as you both may be, one of you will always be cleaner than the other.

  21. You’ll still end up in each others beds at some point.

    Despite having your own beds, sometimes conversations go too late that you just crash in the same bed, or that scary movie you insisted on watching freaks you out a bit too much to be in a room alone!

  22. You pick up on each others ticks.

    You probably won’t even realize it until someone points it out, but when you live with someone and spend a lot of time together, you slowly become each other.

  23. Chores become a singing fest.

    Fastest way to do chores is to black some classic rock and sing at the top of your lungs. It’s more fun and the time goes by so much quicker.

  24. There’s always someone to pregame with.

    Pregaming starts before you’re even dressed when you live with your best friend. You get each other hyped and ready before you head out.

  25. They become your parent, sibling, and best friend all in one.

    The become the person you turn to and trust with everything. Even when they get on your case or annoy you, its because at the end of the day you two are like family, and you just want whats best for each other.

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