Central Station

If you’ve read my London Blog than you’re aware how unlucky I am when it comes to traveling! Well, our train in Paris to the airport took way longer than we had expected, so my friend, Ava, and I had to run through yet another airport! This time we checked in and flew through security,but….. we didn’t have time to put our laptops back in our bags, tie our shoes, or even close our bags! Oh Yeah! I also had Ava’s ROCK’S in my bag! Yep, rocks. She bought them in Pompeii and had no room in her bag so I had them. I forgot until I got on the plane (with only 8 minutes to spare!) when I remembered why my bag was so heavy!
The Park Across From Our Hostel I AM Amsterdam Sign

We landed pretty late in Amsterdam, so we went straight to our hostel, Hotel Anna Marie, then got a quick bite to eat. I highly recommend the Green Cafe! It was some of the best Mexican Food I’ve had since being in Europe! It was so good we came back the next night for dinner after our friend flew in to meet us!

Vincent Van Gogh Pieces

Our full day in Amsterdam consisted of just exploring the city and going to the Van Gogh Museum! I took a few pictures before I found out I actually wasn’t allowed to take pictures! Whoops!

Cheese Making

While exploring we came across multiple cheese shops and soooo many museums! Amsterdam actually has the most museums within its city limits than any other city in the world! It’s also known as the bike city, because everyone bikes everywhere! Pay attention though! The bike paths look almost identical to the pedestrian paths! While wondering around Amsterdam, you’ll also notice how many canals there are! Some are even home to houseboats!

House Boats

We tried to go to Anne Frank house on our trip but we didn’t know you had to book tickets in advance, and the wait on the line was about 4 hours! So we decided to just nix it, but it is something I plan to do when I come back someday, along with getting an IAMsterdam Card. This card can be bought for the amount of days you need it, and includes entrance to almost all the museums, is your tram card, and provides you multiple discounts!

Amsterdam concluded my 2017 Spring Break, and it is definitely one for the books! I have loved all the experiences that studying abroad has granted me, and I appreciate traveling even more!

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