The “cavemen”  The “Egyptians” The “Romans” “Today” They dressed as babies, policemen, doctors, the days of the week and the months. Celebrating with confetti, silly string and shaving cream Some of the younger kids enjoying Carnevale All of us in the Italy Intensives Program joined in the fun!

Today the town of Certaldo celebrated Carnevale! Better known as “fat Tuesday” and “Mardi Gras” in the US. It signifies the last day before Lent. “Carnevale” literally means “Farewell Meat” as a Christian is supposed to abstain from all meat until Easter, although today most people just avoid meat on Fridays. Carnevale is very big across Italy, with some cities making it a month long event. Certaldo’s version of Carnevale is based around the children of the town, primarily the elementary school. The children put on a parade for the town starting in Basso, and ending in Alto, were there is music and games for the kids. The children are all dressed in costumes and masks! The school did a  “through history” theme so it started with the cavemen, then the Egyptians, then Romans, “Today” and the Future. Even the kids who were too young to participate wore costumes. At the end of the parade they all throw around confetti and chase each other with silly string and shaving cream! It was definitely a fun event to photograph and something to experience while here in Italy!

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