Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre literally translates to “Five Lands”, which is where we were this week! We boarded a boat in Riomaggiore and passed all the other towns, and ended in Monterosso were we stayed. Cinque Terre is absolutely beautiful. It’s a beach town and was such a tease for summer! We pretty much spent the two days at the beach and adventuring around.

The beaches are made up rocks, something I’ve noticed in the Amalfi as well. Although, here there was a giant rock which a few of us climbed to take pictures! If you’re at the beaches in Monterosso, make sure to get a fried seafood cone! It’s this little food stand next to the train station that has 6 different types of cones to choose from of fried seafood! Best. Thing. Ever. Also, if you are looking for a adult beverage, go next store and get the infamous rum buckets! I personally didn’t have one as I opted for a Pina Colada, but I tried my friends and I highly recommend it!

It was pretty sad to leave behind the crystal clear waters, and the easy access to seafood (lol), but it just has me looking forward to visiting the beach back home even more!

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