Climbing the Duomo in Florence

Before Climbing The Duomo
Inside the Duomo

Little Window Inside of the Many Stairwells
View From the Top of the Duomo
 Showing Some Kappa Delta Love to Florence  At the Top of the Duomo

Every Thursday, my classmates and I hop on the train and take the hour-long ride to Florence for class! Usually the only class taking place in Florence is Art History, although sometimes other classes in the program may also hold class there as well. Art History class isn’t taught in the classroom like normal classes, its taught by us touring museums and seeing the art in front of us! This week we climbed to the top of the Duomo, also known as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers). It took about an hour of climbing steep, narrow stairwells with very low doors and ceilings! From the ground to the top of the dome is 375 feet (114 Meters) tall!

The completion of the Duomo took about 140 years to complete, having three different architects work on it with different styles. It took so long to build due to the first architect not having drawn out plans to be left after he died, the second architect was able to add-on to the original building but came to a halt after not knowing how to close off the ceiling without it collapsing in on itself. The last architect was able to complete the dome with it being self-supporting of its self by having an internal and external dome. The two dome are held together by intertwining staircases, which is what we climbed!

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