Fall Roommate Highlights

Everyday since we have moved in, there has never been a dull moment when it comes to me and my roommate Dani. Between the dumb things that are said, to living in an old house above frat boys, to the things that would only happen to us, you’d think we’d have our own comical reality show by now. Instead, we’re just stuck with this monthly “highlights” post. Maybe next month will be our month!
  1. Dani *almost* got her head stuck inside a pumpkin.
  2. Bought a fish and named him Chad Cory Dylan… He lived a week.
  3. Dani put the fish in a drinking glass to clean his bowl, and left him in there for 3 hours ehile she was at class. Oh and she used a giant spoon to get him out of the bowl, since apparently the ladle didn’t work.
  4. I came home late to all the lights on, burned pizza bites on the stove and the smoke detector off the wall…
  5. In the course of a month I’ve had to get 4 new toothbrush because Dani keeps accidentally using mine.
  6. I left a soda in the freezer too long and it exploded.
  7. Dani dropped a warm soda and it sprayed the whole kitchen, including the ceiling.
  8. We listened to one of the guys sing because he was home alone (and forgets we live upstairs!)
  9. Tried to figure out why the guys below us where running around and banging things at 12am… turns out they were chasing a mouse….
  10. Dani got stung by a bee, and instead of letting anyone take the stinger out, she complained about it until thanksgiving break.
  11. “Can I make a wall of just our faces”-Dani
  12. “If I was a bad roommate you totally kill me in my sleep…and my parents would totally understands”

*This post contains events from October and November

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