Goodbye Certaldo!

To See my full apartment, check out the YouTube video at the bottom of this post!

It’s been about 2 weeks since we said goodbye to the town of Certaldo, aka the place me and my classmates have called home the last 3 months. We spent the weekend setting up, hosting, and taking down the school art exhibition, and packing up our apartments. Packing 3 months of clothes and souvenirs into 1 checked bag, a carry on, and a book bag is pretty challenging! I’m talking “sitting on the suit case to close it” challenging! I spent the last morning walking around Certaldo Alto taking pictures and saying goodbye to this gorgeous, Tuscan town. I hope to one day visit again in the future, but until then, ciao Certaldo! Tu vuoi sempre un luogo nel mio cuore! You will always have a piece of my heart!

If you find yourself in Tuscany, make sure to stop by this gorgeous medieval town! The train will drop you off in Certaldo Basso, the more “modern” part of town. (Take the word modern lightly!) Then, if you walk straight from the station, you can walk up the hill to Certaldo Alto! Alto is basically a big circle, and by big, I mean small! If you want to stay the night, stay in the lovely bed and breakfast run by Chiara! AKA my landlord! She is the sweetest women (and amazing cook!), and don’t worry, she speaks fluent English! Make sure to check out these restaurants!

Casa Tua– This was everyone’s favorite place to eat! The food here is amazing, and I’ve spent many lunches here! Also make sure to bring a sharpie! You’ll understand when you go inside!

Lantica Fonte – Traditional Italian cuisine! They also have a beautiful outdoor seating area they just remodeled!

Bar Baccaccio – A cute little cafe with the sweetest family! Make sure to try there cappuccinos!

Il Castello’s – Also a hotel, but they have AMAZING food, and later in the evening they have a bar that opens up to the street!


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