Gubbio, Italy

View from our hotel, Hotel Italia, in Cortona

Today we started the morning a little later than normal, aka 9:30 am! The hotel provided a breakfast of meats, cheese’s, scones, breads and juices (and of course cappuccinos, which I managed to overfill mine with the machine!). After everyone enjoyed the view of Cortona at breakfast, and talked about how happy we all were to finally shower (most of us went 72 hours without a shower, and I will say that is the worst feeling in the world when you are traveling!), we hiked back down the giant hill from our hotel to the bus.

Again, Gubbio was consistent with its large hills! We didn’t do much but enjoy a lunch of American styled pizza. We made the mistake of ordering three pizzas, thinking they were going to be just slices. 4 euros a pizza should have been a hint! Oh well! they were small enough to enjoy each!

After lunch a group of us that were in the same cafe made the trek back to the bus. Wellllll….. cobble stone buildings and roads all start to look the same after a while, so we may have kinda, sorta, gotten a little lost! Mi sono persa! For some reason our large group thought it was a good idea to split apart when trying to find the bus! (Mind you, all of us just met 3 days ago at the airport, don’t have our Italian cell phones yet, and don’t have service on our American phones!) We all found the bus, and left for our next town! Assisi, Italy!



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