Pompeii (And The Volcano That Destroyed It!)

Pompeii, Italy ~ The Lost City

The Theater Raised Stones to Cross the Streets to Prevent People From Stepping in Raw Sewage
Ruts in the Streets From the Carts “Pools” in the Middle of Most Homes Used to Collect WaterPhoto Courtesy of italyintensives.tumblr.com
Frescos in a HomeCourtyard of a PoetTubs at the “Laundromat”
The Women’s SpaPhoto Courtesy of italyintensives.tumblr.com
View of Mt. Vesuvius From Pompeii

Pompeii was once an advanced Roman city in southern Italy, near the base of Mt. Vesuvius. In 79 AD., Mt Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii (and some surrounding cities) in about 20ft of volcanic ash. The ash perfectly preserved the city and those who succumbed to its disaster, until its excavation. The preservation of the city was exceptional, to the point that archaeologist could piece together the daily lives of the once lively city. Paintings, stores, furniture, jewelry, kitchenware and more were found throughout Pompeii! Even ruts from the carriages are still in the streets!

Baby Boy
Man Shielding His FaceDogMan Laying Down, Shielding His Face

It is believed that those who died on that dreadful day where slaves of the wealthy, and those who were not allowed to leave the city. Men, women, children, ever dogs were found perfectly preserved in their last position on earth. AS sad as it is to think that these people died in such a dreadful way, it gives us an insight to how this city once was.

View While Climbing Mt. Vesuvius The Crater in The VolcanoOn Top of Mt. Vesuvius (Photo Courtesy of  http://italyintensives.tumblr.com/)

After visiting Pompeii, we took a hike up the mountain/volcano that destroyed this lively city so many years ago. It wasn’t as bad to climb as we all thought! It took maybe 20 minutes to get to the top, where you can see into the crater that actually has steam coming from it! Once at the top you can also buy a glass of wine called “The Tears of Christ”, and its only produced on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. It receives its name from the story of Christ ascending into Heaven, and when he looked down to Earth, he saw how beautiful the bay of Naples was, so he wept tears down the slopes of Vesuvius.

Going down was actually harder than going up! It was kinda slippery since the pathway was so dry and dusty! My friend and I took a few spills going down, and pretty much laughed the whole time! Especially when couples 3 times our age passed us! Now I can check climbing a mountain off my bucket list!!

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