Roommate Chronicles 1

If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to live with your best friend(s), it is exactly how you would think…. A complete sh*t show! But in a good way! My best friend, Dani and I never have a dull moment in our house, and the fact that we haven’t burned it down is pretty impressive. Every day there is something crazy said or done that is just part of our normal lives, and probably wouldn’t happen to anyone else. We should probably have our own reality show with the stuff that goes down, but a blog series will have to do!

Household Hot Topic: The Eviction of the Squirrel

Since we’ve moved into our house, we’ve had issues with squirrels. It started with one getting in our attic and running around all the time. (Which my roommate didn’t believe until it started hanging out over her room!). Then it was a squirrel chewing on the transformer outside, causing the whole street to lose power for a few hours! (This actually happened twice now!) Our latest squirrel encounter was the most traumatizing by far! Note the sarcasm! Our laundry room has a hole in the ceiling that still hasn’t been fixed, but was never a problem since it’s a somewhat small opening, and the laundry room is somewhat off the house. Well, l was up getting ready for class and when I went in the kitchen I noticed the laundry room looked a bit messy through the window. Upon further inspection I saw the dryer sheets and hangers were on the floor, some insulation from the attic was laying on top of the washer, and the window pane was chewed on! As I was looking through the window a animal poked its head out from behind the dryer, scaring me half to death. Now if your sitting here thinking “it’s just a squirrel, they’re not scary”, well when you only see it’s head at first and not its tail, it looks like a rat for second, and rats are so gross! Obviously once I saw it’s tail, i wasn’t concerned of a rat infestation anymore! We left the back door open all day to let it out, and after a few hours my boyfriend kicked the machines and checked the boxes to make sure it really had left. That night (note: this is about 6 hours after we got the all clear that the squirrel was gone), we decided to finally clean up the mess the squirrel made. I picked up the box of swiffer dusters and moved some swiffers to the side to see if the squirrel ripped up all of them, and well, I was met face to face with the squirrel that had supposedly left! Let’s just say that box went flying and my roommate and I did not go into the laundry room the rest of the night! We have not seen that squirrel since, the hole in the ceiling that he fell through still hasn’t been patched, and the window panes are still destroyed, but this was yet another thing that would only happen to us!

Highlights of the Week:

“What’s your twitter, I’m gonna stalk you”. *5 min later* “no offense your twitters boring, I can’t even make fun of you!”

“I’m pissed at you. You didn’t ask for extra cookout sauce”.




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