Sorority Recruitment 101

Sorority Recruitment 101

The day has finally come! Rush week! A week of chants, songs, and meeting potential life-long friends! If you’re like me and go to a school where Greek Life is pretty popular, you can expect rush to be a week-long process! This will be the first year I’m on the other side of recruitment! However, last year I had the same nerves and feelings you probably have right now. Rush week is filled with so many different types of girls, each waiting to find their forever homes! You’ll meet girls who are legacies (they have sisters, mothers, Grandmothers, aunts, etc that were in a specific sorority), girls who already have friends in Greek life, and others (like me!) who don’t really know much about Greek life, and don’t know anyone that has “gone Greek”. 

Rushing can be kinda scary if you don’t know what to expect! Even if you do, it can still be quite frightening. It’s like high school gym class all over again… Just kidding! But it sure as hell can feel like it! You’re meeting multiple girls, dressed alike that look perfect in every way (I promise no one’s perfect!), and can start to second guess yourself about if you fit the “sorority image”. Well listen here, every one of these sisters are dressed their best, and I can guarantee you that 90% of the time they have t-shirts, norts, and no makeup on, just like any other collegiate.

Most universities have a “formal rush”, and you can usually expect a pretty strict schedule to go with it. Depending on how many sororities there are on campus, how many girls are rushing, and the time allotted, can determine the length and scheduling process. Most of the time you can expect 5 days right off the bat: meet & greet, philanthropy day, house tours, preference day, and bid day!

Meet & Greet

This is the day that you go around to each sorority and learn a little about them. You get to see what these girls are all about! The best advice for today: go in with an open mind! Don’t think about if they’re “top tier” or what their “reputation” is. Judge it based off the girls and the motto they live by. If you go into a sorority with the attitude of knowing what sorority you want and ignoring the others, well honey, you might be missing out on finding your perfect match!


A philanthropy is something the sorority supports and raises awareness for! Today you’ll learn about the organization they feel so closely to and love to bring awareness to. This day is what sold me (and other girls) on which sorority was best for me.

House Tours:

Pretty self explanatory! You get to see the house’s of each sorority, one of which will be your forever home in a few short days! Every sorority house is beautiful and unique in its own way, but the house should not be a determiner for whether or not you pick a certain sorority. This is just a way to get to show you more of each sorority.

Preference Round

Usually referred to as “pref. Night”, this is where you are down to 2 sororities, and go to each one to have one on one time to determine which sorority you want to be in. This is the day that you ask questions to help you clarify whether or not you want to be in that sorority.

Bid Day

The best day ever! After a week of stress you finally get to run home! You’ll fill an area (we filled one of the gyms) and received your bid cards. Then when the time is right, you’ll run to your new sisters, and become one of them!

Leading up to rush week, there’s a few things that you can do to prepare for it!

  • Reference Letters. My university personally doesn’t do this, and but there are some, so go ahead and rack up those letters while you can!
  • Clean Up Your Social Media. No one wants to see you shotgunning a beer, basically if you wouldn’t want your traditional, old-fashioned grandmother to see it, delete it!
  • Plan Your Outfits. Rush week can be time-consuming, and you may not have time the day of to pick out the perfect outfit.
  • Avoid Greek Rank. This website is a joke, and completely inaccurate. Most of the time it’s either girls who self rank their sorority, or girls that are bitter/have a hatred towards them. Just avoid it.
  • Research The Types Of Greek Life. No i don’t mean research on who has the “best looking girls” or “best parties”, I mean look into the types of sororities on campus: philanthropic, service, honors, historic, and multi-cultural. Each one has its own unique rush process. Make sure to find the one that best fits you.
  • Learn Basic Greek Lingo. Simple:
    • Pi Rho Chi. (also called Pi Rho, and Pi Chi) They are basically your councilors! They’re there to help you make decisions and answer you’re questions. Remember, they gave up their letters to help you find yours!
    • Parties. Basically the time slots you go to are referred to as this.
    • PNM. Potential New Member. That’s you!

  • Don’t Schedule Anything. This week is long and exhausting as it is, plus times can get pushed back. There’s no set times and planning something can cause you to miss out on a sorority!
  • Get Lot’s Of Sleep. Rush can be a draining process, and you can’t be on your top game if you’re falling asleep during your interviews!
  • Bring Homework. And Snacks. Chances are, you’ll have time between parties, and this is the perfect time to do homework!
  • Drink Water! Don’t be that girl who passes out from dehydration!
  • STAY OPEN MINDED!! Even if your top pick drops you, keep an open mind, you’ll end up where you belong.

  • Enjoy Your New Sisterhood! All this weeks hard work paid off!
  • Don’t Bad Mouth Other Sororities. Just because you didn’t get into your first choice, doesn’t give you the right to bad mouth them. I promise you ended up exactly where you belong!

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