Shoreditch, London

*Today, March 4, I turned 20 years old! What better way to spend your birthday than in London!

The Passing Winter (2005) by Yayoi Kusama  Inside the Passing Winter
Spider (1994) by Louise Bourgeois
 Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper (1913) by Pablo Picasso Weeping Woman (1937) by Pablo PicassoCollege of Arms St. Paul’s Cathedral Street Art around ShoreditchOur giant “Freakshake” from Soft Serve Society!We were pretty excited to dig in!Maddi and Rojo out cold in the airport, around 4 am!

We said goodbye to our lovely hostel (The Rose and Crown which is both a pub and hostel that I HIGHLY recommend! The rooms were very clean and the whole place was so well kept, even the showers were immaculate!), and decided to tour the “Hipster” side of London, aka Shoreditch. Before we even made the walk over, we toured the Tate Modern Art Museum. Being completely honest here, I am NOT a fan of modern art. There are some things I find creative and admire, but most of the time I don’t see the point of a blank canvas painted grey being considered a “work of art”. Although, I did get to stand in the presence of some Picasso and Andy Warhol pieces, something I really did appreciate!

After the museum we took the trek to Shoreditch. On the way there we passed St. Paul’s Cathedral and the College of Arms! Now let me tell you, this was not a pleasant walk. Me and Virginia’s feet were killing us, Maddi was unsure where the food stands were, and Rojo I think was just getting annoyed by the overabundance of estrogen surrounding him! Lol! After being “hangry” (anger caused by hunger!), we finally found a little smoothie shop called Rivington Mix and got sandwiches and smoothies (what else!). The food was really good and everyone that worked there was soo nice! I would definitely go there again!

As I mentioned earlier, Shoreditch is more of a hipster town, so there is a lot of street art and unique stores. There’s this one shopping center called the Boxpark, which is literally a bunch of shipping containers pushed together and turned into stores! We went to Soft Serve Society and got these “Freakshakes!” Us three girls had to split the one it was so big!

After downing our shake, we picked up our luggage and headed to the airport to say goodbye to London. After the fiasco of getting to London, we wanted to make sure we allowed enough time for any mistakes. Everything went really smoothly until we landed in Italy. Turns out there are no trains that run from Rome after Midnight, and of course we landed after midnight. The first train wouldn’t come until 6am, so the four of us sucked it up, got a bite to eat, watched videos on our phones, and slept in the airport until 6 am. We then took 3 trains (and only had to run to one!), before finally arriving home from our crazy weekend in London.

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