Sorority Myths Debunked

IMG_1632Sorority Myths debunked

There are so many misconceptions about sororities and Greek life that it can be hard to know what’s true. It doesn’t help that movies portray sororities as drunk, ditsy bimbos, instead of confident, intelligent young women. Joining my sorority was one of my best decisions in my college career and I don’t regret it for a second! While being in my sorority, I’ve learned that most things you hear about Greek life are false, and from people who don’t understand what it’s like to go Greek. Below are some of the most common myths about sororities.

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You’re just paying for your friends.

To say we hear this ALL the time is an understatement. Yes, we do pay to be in our sororities, but that money isn’t to buy our friends. It’s to pay dues that go towards our house and events! No one is obligated to be your friend in the sorority, no matter how much you pay.

All your friends are Greek.

This is far from true! I have an equal amount of friends who are in Greek life as well as those who are not in Greek life. I mean, my best friend/roommate isn’t in Greek life and it has never made any difference in our friendship. If someone tells you that you can only be friends with Greek life, I promise you they are lying.

All Greek life does is party.

Nope. Every single person is different, so you can’t base one persons actions for an entire group. I have sisters who love to go out almost every day to sisters who never go out and love a good Netflix binge. Everyone is different, and keep in mind, sororities and fraternities have GPA requirements, so school always comes before fun.

Sorority girls are fake.

Again, you can’t base one girl for a whole sorority. Every person is different. Yes, some people can be fake, but that’s any where. You’ll meet down to earth girls, sporty girls, fashionistas, and so many more different types of sisters.

Every sorority it paired with a fraternity, and they can only hang out with them.

I hear this all the time, and it is far from true! Imagine only being able to hang out with the same group of guys all the time! That would become so boring! Of course you’ll always have a fraternity your sorority favors, but that doesn’t mean you have to personally like them or even hang out with them. No one is assigned to one group!

Greek life looks down on those who are not Greek.

If someone is judging you and looking down upon you for not being in Greek life, then you don’t need someone like that in your life. Being in a sorority doesn’t make you better than anyone. People that do this are just stuck up and ruin the reputation for those of us (aka the majority) that don’t care whether or not your Greek.

Hazing is inevitable.

Colleges have a strict no hazing policy. Now keep in mind, I’m writing on the behalf of sororities, not frats. My sorority (and college) for one, are very strict about it. I wasn’t hazed and I am so glad I wasn’t, because honestly, I probably would have cried and eventually dropped. Nothing irks me more than when people assume I just “claim” I wasn’t hazed since it’s not allowed, but I really wasn’t, nor were any of my sisters. My guy friends have even joked that we get showered in gifts (big/little week) as opposed to hazing.

Greeks are all stuck up snobs.

We all know the stereotype that Greeks are spoiled, trust-fund, private school brats, but like any where, we are all walks of life. Will you never meet a stuck up snob, sadly no, but there are so many others that are down to earth, fun, loving people, that you can’t let the few snobs ruin it for the rest of us.

Sorority girls are dumb.

We take school and grades very seriously, because that is our future, not our sorority. You can always find a sister to study with, and go to the library with. Generally, Greeks have a higher overall GPA compared to nonmembers, so all brains here!

All sorority girls care about is getting there “Mrs.” degree.

I am surrounded by future doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, nurses, teachers,psychologists, and other amazing professions my sisters will be one day. We’re here to become professionals and leaders in our community. If by chance we find our future hubby, then that’s all great and dandy, but were here to get a college degree just like everyone else.

Greeks only date Greeks.

It’s as common as Greeks dating non-Greeks. There is no laws or rule saying we can only date Greeks. Does it happen? Yes, but probably because they have a lot in common, not because they have to only date Greeks.

You have to look perfect all the time.

Ha. Do you think I do my hair and makeup EVERY DAY? Do you know how annoying that would get? We love our t-shirts and sweats as much as the next. Those pictures you see of the “typical sorority girl” are usually from formal events and socials that we dressed up for and put time into our appearance.

Greeks are all ‘preppy”.

Again, just a stereotype. Every member is unique and not everyone is “preppy”. We don’t all own Lily Pulitzer and pastels. Of course some fall into that category, but some are sporty, grunge, artsy and every other type of personality there is. Basically, you don’t have to “preppy” or pretend to be, to be in a sorority.

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