Sorority Slang

Entering into the Greek world of sororities and fraternities can lead to a whole new vocab of things you never heard of. Some sound foreign, and some have different meanings in the none Greek world. Most of these are universal, but some vary from school to school on what they’re called.


The process you go through in order to joining a sorority. There’s formal (which is usually in the fall), and informal (which is usually in the spring). Every university has a different process and requirements for recruitment


Potential New Member. These are the girls going through recruitment and are seeking their forever home.


Events involving a fraternity and sorority pairing up, and renting out a venue. This allows for members of each chapter to meet other members of Greek life they might have not met otherwise. Socials are usually themed.


This is the organization that each sorority supports and cherishes. Some sororities have more than one.


An official invitation to join a sorority. Usually given at the end of recruitment.


This is during recruitment, on pref night, when a PNM only puts one sorority down on her pref card, when she has two sororities interested in her. She is taking her chances of not getting any bids, as opposed to getting a bid from her 2nd choice. If a PNM only goes to one house on pref night, and just puts the one house, this is not considered a suicide.

Pi Chi

These are the leaders of your group during recruitment. They are active sorority members who have temporarily given up their letters to help you find your future sorority. They are unbiased towards their own sorority, as they want to make sure you find the perfect match. During their time as a Pi Chi, they are not allowed to be associated with their sorority and sisters until bid day.


Every sister has her “assigned big sister” this is someone who is there to help you learn the ropes when you’re the newbie in the sorority. Once your first year is up, you get the opportunity to have your own little in which you can spoil and get to know.


Every chapter defines this slightly differently, but it is when a girls mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, etc, was a sister of a sorority, making the PNM a legacy. Some chapters consider step-family to be used for legacies.


These are the girls in your sorority!


These are the sisters in the chapter that are currently in college and on good standing.


These are girls who graduate while being an active member of their chapter. Sometimes girls go early alumna, meaning they “graduate” their sorority before they leave college.

Greek Life

The general term for sororities and fraternities.


The sorority you joined at your school, is just one group of that sorority, called a chapter. Every chapter has a name (also in Greek) to distinguish who is who. (I.E. Kappa Delta – Gamma Sigma. Kappa Delta is the sorority, and Gamma Sigma is the chapter.)


This is the money you pay towards your chapter and nationals. Every sorority’s dues range depending on the sorority your in, and how big Greek life is at your school. (School’s in the south usually have more expensive dues)




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