Summer Break In College

Coming home from college for summer can be bittersweet. You’re leaving behind your new friends at college, who have become your second family, to return to your day ones, high school friends and everything you knew before your college days.

You pass your old high school where you spent many Friday nights cheering on your team, which has now been replaced by tailgate’s and college football games. You go to the old hangout In town to get a burger and see the next generation of high schooler’s who have taken over. Maybe you go to your first job and get an ice cream, pizza, etc and remember how excited you were to finally get your first pay check.

Returning home can be a trip down memory lane, but it also brings you back together with your day ones and closest friends from your pre-college days. You get the chance to reconnect with friends who never left town, and fill you in on all the latest gossip that hasn’t changed much. Your friends who went to different colleges across the county (and world!) come home with new experiences and stories to share. All those worries about drifting apart become obsolete once you’re all back together and pick up where you left off, no matter how many weeks or months it’s been. Despite all having separate lives, the inside jokes, nicknames, adventures and teasing continue like it once was, just with a more mature attitude. (Ha not really)

You relive your youth when your home, with no tests or labs or stress from college, all to eventually say goodbye again at the end of summer to go back to your new life at college.

You learn to cherish your summer breaks, and the time you have with friends, as people grow up and move away, and spend less and less time back home for summer, but those few hours, days, weeks or months with old friends make your summers worth it.

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