The Reality of Blogging

One of my new years resolutions was to blog more, which I’ve really been struggling with. Between school, work, sorority commitments and just overall life, I had no time to blog. I also faced a bit of judgement not too long ago, which discouraged me from blogging. With a new year and new semester, I figured I could start off with a clean slate and clear mind. I’m not letting anyone’s opinions or judgement stop me anymore,buttttt I didn’t plan to have such a heavy course load! This week alone I’ve had 5 exams, 1 quiz, 3 homework assignments, and a lab report due, to stay I’m drowning would be an understatement. I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to manage my time and get notes and other assignments done ahead of time, so I can blog. Guess what!? It worked! I may have had no life or sleep, but I’m ahead of notes and readings in class, so I can finally get a handle on this blog.

Owning and running a blog is more than just writing and hitting ‘post’. The amount of work that goes into a blog is usually unknown to those who don’t run one. From finding a host site and creating a domain, then designing your blog and creating content. From there you have editing, styling, photography and promoting content. A single post can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, just depending on the type of content available. For me personally, editing photos is my downfall! I just never have the time, and sometimes I have awesome post ideas written, but can’t think of pictures to go along with it. (To give you an idea, I have 45 posts in my draft file right now!)

Another aspect most people don’t think about when viewing blogs is the courage it takes to put yourself out there or even promote. This is one of the things I’ve struggled with the most. I’m always afraid to promote content on my personal platforms because I’m afraid of being judged. I’ve had people (who I’ve since cut ties with) discourage me about blogging (even when my blog was nothing more than a concept in my head), make judgmental comments, or just be down right rude to my face. Nowadays I have awesome friends who support my hobby and even help out! (And if they are judging me they do so quietly lol).

So next time you read someones blog (or even this post!), know that it is more than just typing and posting. There is so much more that goes into it! The blogger is putting time and effort trying to create content that you, the reader, will like and want to come back for more!


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