The Truth About Greek Life

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If you’re thinking about going Greek but unsure if it’s for you, or what it even is, then you’ve come to the right place! Going Greek can be a life changing experience and introduce you to many new people and organizations. Sadly, sororities and fraternities often have a negative stigma when talked about, but we are so much more than just some “ditsy, dumb girls”, and “drunk frat boys”. All Greek Life associations have a GPA requirement and values to uphold that were set in place by our founders years and years ago. Greek life encourages confidence, leadership, campus involvement, and many other skills that carry on throughout life. In fact,

  • All (but 2) U.S. Presidents since 1825 have been members of Greek life.

  • All 11 Apollo Astronauts were Greek

  • Approximately $7 million is raised per year by fraternities and sororities.

  • 47 out of 50 of the US’s largest corporations are run by Greeks

  • The overall Greek life GPA is higher than the overall college GPA.

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So what is Greek life? This is the general term for national organizations that consist of “brotherhood” and “sisterhood”. The most common ones, known as social sorority/fraternities are Panhellenic (sororities) and the Interfraternity Council (fraternities), which are the ones usually portrayed in movies, . Other branches of Greek life are the National Pan-Hellenic, the Multicultural Greek Council and Academic Greeks.  Panhellenic has 26 sororities, the Interfraternity Council has 70 official fraternities, the National Pan-Hellenic has 9 official organizations, the Multicultural Greek Council has 11 official organizations and Academic Greeks vary from school to school.  Each organization is different in its own unique ways, and each chapter of every organization varies from school to school! If you’re still not sold on Greek life, don’t worry! It’s Not for everyone, just like sports and art for everyone!

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