The Walled City of Lucca

Ava and I With Our Bikes On the WallView From the Wall Into the CityTower With TreesOutside the Wall (This Was A Very Large Drop Down!)

After a good nights rest from our day of traveling, we finally are ready to spend our day in Lucca! We had a quick breakfast provided by the hotel before heading off to rent bikes. Lucca is known as the Walled City. The wall was built from 1504-1645 and is one of the best preserved renaissance structures in all of Europe. No longer used as a defense mechanism, the wall today is enjoyed by the public for biking and walking!

Our school rented us bikes so we could adventure around Lucca! Some people rode a structure that looked like a golf cart but was a 4 seater bike! The rest of us just rode basic bikes, despite wanting to try the two seater bike! This was a good call on the director’s part for not letting us try the two seater because I still managed to crash into Ava on a normal bike! Oops! (No one was hurt but I think the man passing us was more scared than us!)

After lunch and a drawing class, we made our way back to Certaldo. Lucca is absolutely gorgeous a must-visit type of place for anyone visiting Italy!

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