Vatican City!

Spring Break has finally arrived! The first part of my spring break will be traveling with my school’s program for a few days in Italy, then we break off for independent travel! We started off by leaving our apartments at 7am to take a 3 hour bus ride to Rome. I’m pretty impressed that everyone managed to pack 10 days worth of clothes, for multiple climates, in only a carry-on and bookbag! Some only packed a book bag!

Courtyard in the Vatican Globe in the Vatican Courtyard Representing a World Within a WorldThe Pinecone That Was Once a Working Fountian

Once in Rome, we checked into our hostel, got lunch and took the metro to Vatican City! This is something I have looked forward to the most, being Catholic and all! Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, and one of the only countries that’s completely inside another country. It’s only about 100 acres, enclosed by a wall and is run by the Catholic Church.

Inside the Vatican Museum

We toured through the museum inside the vatican that was filled with beautiful frescoes and art by Michelangelo. We eventually ended up inside the Sistine Chapel! This is were Michelangelo painted the entire ceiling, and is also his first painted work! Before the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo was only a sculptor! The chapel is used when picking a new pope! I could have spent hours admiring the paintings! (No pictures were allowed inside the Sistine Chapel).

The Basilica of Saint Peter

List of All the Popes
The Ceiling is Made of Multiple Mosaics, Not Paintings

Next was the Basilica of Saint Peter, aka the main church of the Vatican. Words and photos cannot describe how beautiful the church is! It’s ceiling is covered in what looks like paintings, but is actually mosaics, and is by far one of the biggest churches I have ever been too! The center of the church has a beautiful wood canopy covered in gold accents! Leading up to the canopy are ornate archways; each one leading to a different area.

When you first enter the church, there is a statue of the Madonna with Jesus Christ after he was crucified. It stands behind bullet proof glass as it is one of Michelangelo’s most targeted statues.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the Pope, but just being in the presence of the Vatican is something I will keep with me the rest of my life.

After leaving Vatican City, we went to a very special restaurant in Rome called La Trattoria de Gli Amici, that only hires those with special needs, and anyone working there that is non-special needs is a volunteer! It was an awesome experience and literally EVERYTHING was done by workers with special needs! From the host’s to the waiter’s to the chefs! Even the artwork was done by those with disabilities! I highly recommend going here if you get the chance while in Rome.

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