Park in the Center of Volterra
Inside the Etruscan Museum

Volterra Castle (Now Used As A State Prison)

As a group we toured the Etruscan Museum in Volterra back in February. In all honesty, it wasn’t that great. The exhibit it’s self was very nice and interesting, but it did become repetitive after seeing almost identical urns for the 300th time in a row. It seemed that half the place was just urn after urn, and only a small portion was of pottery and jewelry. On top of that, parts of the museum was closed for renovations, and some rooms were open to the public but fully under construction (I’m talking about walking under scaffolding  to get from one exhibit room to the next). Overall I don’t think anyone really went into the museum with a good attitude though because the museum staff was very rude to us and yelled at us to not touch anything as soon as we entered. This did’t go over well because right before the museum a group of 12 students had gone to lunch and were scolded for being ugly, ignorant, Americans. Volterra made it very obvious that they didn’t like Americans or want us in their town.


The town itself is very beautiful with its old buildings and park in the middle. It even has a huge castle that is now used as a state prison. The views and scenery were a delight to see but personally, I wouldn’t recommend visiting here because I feel there are more cities that have more to do and offer than here.


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