Washington D.C. In A Day

Washington D.C. In A Day ~ itsjustgina.com

Washington D.C in a day ~ itsjustgina.com

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A few weeks ago, Dani and I took a road trip up to DC. This was my first time visiting my nation’s capitol and I was pretty excited! We started our day by leaving our college town at 5am (Well, that was the plan, but we still made it on the road before 6am!) in order to avoid morning traffic, and get the most of our day in DC. The ride was going pretty well until Dani got a ticket for barely speeding when we crossed the VA state line. I still think she should have gotten a warning! (Also because I had to listen to her for the next 3 hours complain that everyone around us was speeding!)
Once in DC we parked immediately… Just kidding! If you’ve ever been to DC, then you know parking is atrocious. We drove around for an hour looking for a parking garage that wasn’t full or “permit only”. At least in the hour it took us, Dani’s boyfriend was able to get into town and meet us. We spent the remainder of the day seeing the monuments and some museums. We even got to see Trump’s Presidential motorcade twice!) pass us! We only had one day in DC, so we were limited on time. Despite the time crunch, we fit A LOT in. Here’s how to spend a full day in DC!

  • Start on first street, and see the Capitol, Library of Congress and Supreme Court (Outside Only)
  • Take the sidewalks around the Capitol towards 3rd Street
  • Walk through the mall, and stop at a museum or two. (Museums are free!)
  • Eventually Arrive at the Washington Monument (15th Street)
  • Detour towards the White House and come face to face with the South Lawn. Walk around to see the North Lawn.
  • Continue back to the mall, walking towards the Lincoln Memorial. Walk along the Reflecting Pool.
  • Once done either take the hour walk (which is what we did) or jump on the public transportation to get to your car!

We visited the National Museum of Air and Space, as Well as the National Museum ofAmerican History. We didn’t get to tour the entirety of the museums since we were on a time crunch and our main goal was to see the monuments. We plan to visit again and this time go to more museums and see other parts of D.C.


For lunch I highly recommend We The Pizza on Pennsylvania Ave. (305 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington D.C. 20003). It’s a trendy 2 story pizzeria with NYC-styled, unique, homemade pizza and unique homemade sodas. I had a slice of Colletti’s Notorious BBQ Pie, a pie with slow-cooked pulled pork, award winning BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and crisp onions! I highly recommend trying this pizza if you like BBQ! I suggest using a fork though!

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